01-02-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> Your work is not your god: welcome to the age of the burnout epidemic | Life and style

-> What credit providers can learn from the evolution of television. | by Aire | Aire Life | Jan, 2022

-> The metaverse is dystopian – but to big tech it’s a business opportunity | John Naughton

-> UK proposes changes to compensation for domestic flight delays | Airline industry

-> As UK households feel pressure, how are other European countries tackling energy crisis? | Energy industry

-> Water retailers told to refund credit balances

-> Tink launches income verification service

-> DebtStream announces £1.1m funding investment

-> Nine in ten card transactions were contactless in 2021

-> 2.5 million households missed payments in January

-> Fraud increase by more than a third during the Pandemic

-> Three ways to engage customers in debt collection

-> Klarna to launch card – Credit Connect

-> UK Consumer Credit Trends & Problem Debt. StepChange

-> Modulr granted Dutch EMI licence to now operate across Europe

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