03-10-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> HSBC and Nova Credit agree borderless international credit checking partnership

-> Around 8m households struggling to afford telecoms bills

-> Fifth of households to cut energy use to cope with winter bills

-> IE Hub, StepChange and C&R Software agree financial hardship partnership

-> More than 1.1m renters hit with a increase in the past month

-> Energy suppliers ordered to improve treatment of customers in debt

-> One million consumers’ credit scores will be impacted by energy crisis

-> Credit Union enters administration – Credit Connect

-> Consumers seeking greater access to credit as demand for credit cards rise

-> One in five adults behind on one or more household bill

-> Effective creditor communication key to helping consumers in financial difficulty, says StepChange – CCR

-> IE Hub Joins Forces with StepChange and C&R Software to Support Consumers in Financial Hardship – CCR

-> Lending Technology Think Tank 2.2 Review

-> Inflation decreases to 9.9% after petrol price fall – industry reaction

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