03-11-2021 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> Money and Credit – September 2021

-> Impact of the Chancellor’s Budget for our sector

-> FCA reports upward spiral of suspicious activity reports from financial firms

-> Household figures indicate 11% rise in financial vulnerability

-> Why you should be checking the worthiness of your customers – CCR

-> SMEs “keep calm and carry on” despite rising costs from suppliers – CCR

-> Nearly two-thirds of self-employed say it’s significantly more difficult to secure a mortgage – CCR

-> Jupiter: Planet’s Great Red Spot extends far deeper than we realised

-> Tardigrades: Microscopic organisms could survive interstellar travel

-> Meta: Why has Facebook changed its name and what is the metaverse?

-> When Pitching an Idea, Should You Focus on “Why” or “How”?

-> Sabadell confirms offer from Co-operative Bank for TSB

-> Did the budget deliver to people in debt

-> The one thing that can pop the house price bubble

-> Facebook’s Rebrand Has a Fundamental Problem

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