07-03-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> OneWeb: UK satellite firm suspends use of Russian rockets

-> FCA is investigating 50 crypto firms

-> FCA launches fee cap for claims management companies

-> Energy price hike prompts £4.7bn debt crisis

-> Yorkshire Building Society and Citizens Advice agree financial wellbeing partnershop

-> Oakham enters into administration – Credit Connect

-> one in five spend savings and one in seven borrow for bills – CCR

-> Russia-Ukraine war: Will bitcoin help or hinder Ukraine’s fight against Russian invasion?

-> 7 Pressing Cybersecurity Questions Boards Need to Ask

-> Britons slow credit card spending and increase savings – for now | Borrowing & debt

-> Ulez ‘to cover all of Greater London by end of next year’ | London

-> Ukraine crisis: How much trade does Russia do with China?

-> Ukraine war ‘catastrophic for global food’

-> Ukraine conflict: Oil price soars to highest level since 2008

-> MENA faces a crisis as the world’s key wheat producers are at war | Business and Economy News

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