09-03-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> • Chart: What Alternatives Does Europe Have to Russian Gas?

-> 1.8m Scottish people have taken a financial hit during the pandemic

-> 15m borrowers have a ‘poor understanding’ of how to compare loan costs

-> One in seven people borrow to pay bills

-> Net zero: The UK is building its last big gas power plant

-> UK house prices rise at fastest rate in 15 years, says Halifax | Housing market

-> War in Ukraine: Crisis is unleashing ‘hell on earth’ for food prices

-> Ukraine war: Russia threatens to cut Europe’s gas supplies if oil ban goes ahead | World News

-> ‘No better than North Korea’: Russian aviation faces wipeout | Russia-Ukraine war News

-> EU court rules UK must pay billions of euros after import fraud | European Union News

-> UK faces the biggest income squeeze in generations as inflation heads towards 40-year high

-> FCA Won’t Fight Lender’s Resuming Operations

-> Cardholders Check for Credit Card Surcharges

-> ECB Scrutiny Could Push Banks to Leave London

-> Government rescue of Bulb Energy set to cost taxpayers billions more

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