11-11-2020 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

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Headlines :

-> How to Brief a Senior Executive

-> Ethical Frameworks for AI Aren’t Enough

-> While AI has provided significant benefits for financial services organizations, challenges have limited its full potential – CCR

-> Consumer credit complaints increase over the Summer – Credit Connect

-> Over one in eight shops failed to reopen after first lock-down – Credit Connect

-> Four in ten consumers admit to keeping money secrets – Credit Connect

-> Credit Strategy – Top Stories

-> WhatsApp Pay finally gets green light from Indian regulators

-> Hong Kong and China pair up on digital currency experiment

-> Paying your Netflix bill on time could boost your credit score under new scheme

-> Record-breaking 5.9 million people shop for groceries online but no sign of lockdown panic buying

-> Soaring UK job losses show furlough extension may have come too late | Business

-> ‘It’s desperate’: stories from the frontline of the Covid jobs crisis | Business

-> UK sales of scented candles soar as Covid restrictions tighten | Business

-> Ryanair expects air passenger numbers to bounce back in 2021 | Business

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