12-02-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

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Headlines :

-> Average credit card balances missing two or more payments increase – Credit Connect

-> Lenders warned to prepare for credit applications surge – Credit Connect

-> How to Stop Overthinking Everything

-> WFH Is Corroding Our Trust in Each Other

-> Firm footing – British business is in surprisingly good shape | Britain

-> ‘If you switch off, people think you’re lazy’: demands grow for a right to disconnect from work | World news

-> Royal Mail delivers record parcel numbers but fewer letters during pandemic | Royal Mail

-> Slow rollout of Covid vaccines in Europe delaying rebound in oil demand – IEA | Oil

-> ‘Safety is very lax’: staff tell of being forced into the office during lockdown | World news

-> Klarna introduces bank accounts in Germany as it moves closer to building a financial ‘super app’

-> Consumer car finance new business volumes fell by 12% in December 2020

-> Second charge mortgage new business volumes fell by 26% in December 2020

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