12-10-2021 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> Consumer car finance market fell by 10% in August

-> Regulate or ban: EU’s proposed AI credit scoring framework hears feedback

-> BNPL research suggests consumers would like an option to spread purchase cost

-> Universal Credit cut will worsen rent arrears crisis

-> NatWest faces £340m fine after pleading guilty to money laundering failures

-> The Buy Now Pay Later Boom Hits the USA and Latin America

-> Late payments by UK companies at highest rate since March – CCR

-> One in six adults in Great Britain not able to buy essential foods, ONS finds | Supply chain crisis

-> Ryanair bans Covid refund passengers from boarding new flights | Ryanair

-> The future of work – Prospect Magazine

-> FCA takes action against debt packager firms

-> Regulating for better outcomes – next steps in consumer credit

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