13-10-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> Credit card cash withdrawal figures increase

-> Zillow’s house-flipping business was a spectacular failure.

-> Collections & Loss Mitigation – Bridgeforce

-> Quantum computing talent not on pace with funding

-> How banks can change their tech and iterate their way to greatness

-> UK’s unsecured debt mountain reaches £300bn or £11,000 per household exceeding pre-crisis peak by 30%

-> If you push beyond digital, what happens next? | by James Plunkett

-> The Price of a Cup of Coffee Around the World

-> Cost of living: People turning back to cash as prices rise

-> Sloppy Use of Machine Learning Is Causing a ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ in Science

-> Google Secretly Uses the Quiet Hiring Method. It’s a Backward–yet Brilliant–Recruiting Strategy

-> Record inflation: Which countries in Europe are being worst hit as energy and food prices soar?

-> A military veteran knows why your employees are leaving

-> Remote Workers Are Wasting More Than an Hour a Day on Productivity Theater, New Report Finds

-> The changing landscape of debt and the psychology of shame

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