14-10-2020 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

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Headlines :

-> High Court asked to confirm virtual enforcement visits can replace physical visits – CCR

-> UK redundancies rise at record rate amid Covid fallout | Business

-> Privacy watchdog to probe Klarna after email backlash

-> Asos adds three million customers as profits soar amid pandemic

-> Local difficulties – Across the world central governments face local covid-19 revolts | International

-> Self-employed face tax bills higher than their income – Credit Connect

-> Tech Should Enable Change, Not Drive It

-> The Surprising Upside of Expensive Products That Don’t Sell

-> Navigating Office Politics When There Is No Office

-> Four in 10 office workers fear the effect of working from home on mental health, poll finds

-> Ryanair could be ‘last person standing,’ says boss

-> Bank of England questions banks over negative rates

-> Nobel: US auction theorists win Economics Prize

-> How to get promoted when working from home

-> Tax rises of more than £40bn a year ‘all but inevitable’

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