15-05-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines :

-> Updated IVA protocol to strengthen debt solution

-> New measures to help vulnerable people in problem debt

-> Rental evictions to restart in England next month

-> Clearpay and Accenture: Gen Z and Millennials are the most financially savvy generation in the UK

-> Italy to roll out blockchain for digital sureties contracts

-> Is ‬hyper-personalization of loans a new opportunity window for FinTech?

-> Paylink, PayPlan, Openwrks and Tully announce merger plan – Credit Connect

-> Mortgage arrears figures remain low – Credit Connect

-> Furlough figures fall by half a million as the doors open again – CCR

-> AI lets man with paralysis type by just thinking about handwriting

-> Will the dollar stay dominant?

-> The digital currencies that matter

-> What could a new system for taxing multinationals look like?

-> The bull case for beaten-up Britain

-> American-style voter ID laws are coming to Britain

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