24-01-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

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Headlines :

-> Business schools – The MBA class of covid-19 | Business

-> Brexit and trade – Delays to fish and meat exports are not just teething problems | Britain

-> Retail – An online sales boom is killing supermarket profits | Britain

-> Telecoms – Brexit ends “free” mobile roaming in Europe—and that’s a good thing | Britain

-> Papers, please – Britain belatedly beefs up its borders | Britain

-> Credit card balances fall as repayments outstrip new borrowing – Credit Connect

-> 130,000 mortgage borrowers still unable to cover costs – Credit Connect

-> Older homeowners release £3.4bn in property wealth – Credit Connect

-> Did market need it? Have buyers r…

-> Czech BNPL Twitso nabs €16 million in Series C funding

-> Cashless society must keep economy open to all – CCR

-> Aryza announce second major acquisition of 2021 – CCR

-> Is Your Organization Digging Trenches or Building Bridges?

-> EU website purchases: the import charges UK customers have to pay | Online shopping

-> Nearly 9m people in UK increased their borrowing in 2020, says ONS | Borrowing & debt

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