26-10-2020 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

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Headlines :

-> Will cruise ships return to Venice?

-> More pollution expected from stay-home workers

-> Covid leaves 6m UK small businesses and 16m jobs in ‘precarious position’ | Business

-> Desperate UK Covid home workers renting solace from nimble-footed firms | Business

-> Mortgages: how to get a loan as lenders pull up the ladder | Money

-> Second Covid wave hitting UK economic recovery, data shows | Business

-> Barclays warns of cuts as Covid pushes bad debt charges to £4.3bn | Business

-> Financial services – What Brexit will do to the City of London | Britain

-> Brexit and the digital economy – State aid, data adequacy and Britain’s tech ambitions | Britain

-> Italian business – Italy SpA offers an object lesson in corporate decline | Business

-> Microsoft and tech competition – Is tech getting more competitive? | Leaders

-> Now Is the Time to Shake Up Your Sales Processes

-> Algorithms Are Making Economic Inequality Worse

-> Email should be obsolete by now, so why are we still using it?

-> Nearly 50% of mortgage businesses have never tested their website with end users – CCR

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