31-08-2022 | RO-AR Briefing

Headlines :

-> Laybuy to share details of buy now, pay later debt

-> Households facing “no-win scenario” as energy price cap rises to £3,549

-> UK credit card borrowing rises at fastest rate in 17 years | Borrowing & debt

-> ‘Pandemic retirees’ return to work as inflation hits value of pensions | Business

-> FCA warns BNPL firms about misleading adverts

-> Consumer confidence hits new record low

-> Inflation predicted to hit 18%

-> Energy bills predicted to hit £5,300 a year next April

-> Warning that energy crisis could lead to thousands of companies collapsing

-> Debt advice company sees increase 450% rise in support enquiries

-> Indesser recovers £3bn for taxpayers

-> Two fifths of over 55s are struggling financially

-> Cost to buy first home rises by £12,250 compared to last year

-> Business insolvencies in Film and TV production sector increase 69%

-> A Major Food Crisis Coming In 2023?

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