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Office Cakeism

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From Increasingly there are discussions taking place not just about when to return to working in an office environment, but how. Which meetings, how to structure these for a blended remote/office environment, how exactly is all this going to work? It does seem we want to work remotely with the benefits of being in the office or be in the office with the benefits of working remotely. … I cannot be in two places… Read more

Vacationing at home…

From With 2 back-to-back bank holidays in the UK, normally at this time of year, many of us would be off to sunnier climes, on vacation. Last year, of course, was different, we were in full lockdown and at this moment in the midst of a full-blown toilet paper crisis… there were just more pressing issues than taking some time off. This year, however, with better numbers, and plenty of holidays carried forward, it… Read more

Making hay while the sun shines…

From This week we have finally, and officially, been allowed out again. With warmer weather in the UK, lower COVID case numbers we seem to have grasped the opportunity and been out in droves. Certainly, the traffic on the road increased markedly. After what has been nearly a year most of us are clearly ready to get going again. However, across the water in France, case numbers once again seem to be accelerating and… Read more

Engines ready?

This week seemed a week of reflection. Attending a few of webinars it seems a few of us were in the same mode too. The spurt of activity post-Christmas seems to have waned, investment-ready, but the button to start is not being pressed. It is busy busy rather than delivery busy. Economically it is becoming increasingly evident a pent-up demand for spending and for lending is building. Some consumers are revving their shopping engines, ready… Read more

… and the orchestra plays on

What is up in the second charge mortgage and car finance market? New figures from the FLA this week show new business fell by 40% YOY in January and t was a similar situation in the consumer car finance market, 35% down. Even in mortgages more generally, households seem to be paying down by record amounts too. With the pandemic situation now passing a year, it really does appears as if this latest lockdown has… Read more

Creatively creating time. Time to think and to get stuff done.

An odd week this week. It seemed like there was not a lot going on however news-wise, in Collections and Recoveries that is! Maybe this was just more of a function of attention being elsewhere, rather than it being quiet. However, there were a couple of interesting themes and discussions. The conversation regarding a return to the office is starting to get more and more nuanced, almost in anticipation of it starting. This was nicely… Read more