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It’s a game of two halves.

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From With G7 leaders gathering and the start of the Euro football competition last weekend, we had some echoes of normality once again… only to be dashed at the start of the week with another 4 week extension to lockdown restrictions. This new variant seems tricky. With high degrees of transmissibility, it is now the dominant strain in the UK. Once in the population, it seems it spreads rapidly, especially amongst without antibodies or… Read more

The importance of verbal communication

From Human communication can sometimes be a strange and subtle thing. I was reminded of this, this week, in an online exchange where there was a misunderstanding, and things should I say, got a little testy. I am not sure what exactly has happened, but the social media age seems to have changed us. Online communication, and on social media in particular, there now seems to be no filter. Critical or hurtful, many people… Read more

The digital balancing act

From This week with much of the talk, and data, pointing to a potential third wave of cases many of us have been thinking about what happens next. Certainly, we are all fed up with lockdowns and being stuck at home, however running the risk of mass infections again also seems a like backward step. No answers yet and we need to monitor closely to see how the situation evolves. however is it time… Read more

Chatting away….

From Staring into the long weekend at the end of a long week we are all hoping the weather improves. The start of this year has been a long haul and judging by the volume of traffic on the road, everyone seems to be wanting to get away for the weekend. I have been out, but my sojourn to the office last week, had the odd effect of making this week, by comparison, feel… Read more


From This week was the week I had my first in-person meeting. It was a prospect that generated both excited anticipation and a feeling of slight nervousness. It had been 15months after all. The day arrived and a few things were indeed a surprise. In particular it was how quickly I fell into the same routine from before. Signs of life Yes, we were wearing masks, but if you got distracted it was all… Read more

The bag where time stood still

From In all likelihood, I will be out on the road next week. This will be the first time in over a year workwise, and I am really looking forward to it. It should be different and a refreshing change, I hope. What this does mean is that I now need to get ready. It is going to be shirts not shorts, an early start on the road and I will, of course, need… Read more