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All Change

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Crikey, so many people I spoke with this week were either changing jobs or new people who were leaving and struggling to recruit for open positions. And, this was not just in the UK but across other markets, it seemed. What is going on? Questions have been racing through my mind. Has a year working from home been too much for us. We cannot stand it anymore and need a change to get back to… Read more

Do you cut the grass at work?

This week I came across a video for the book, “The 4 hour workweek“. Now, may I be the first to suggest this is not suggesting that working 4 hours a week is on the cards, or even possible for us mere mortals. Let’s face it for many folks, 40 is normal and sometimes more I suspect. However, the video did tweak an interesting idea, the concept of relative value. To explain I am going… Read more

The last hurrah… for summer

This week, being the end of summer, was the last hurrah for the holidays and the experience that comes with it. Sitting in holiday motorway traffic discovering the ‘wonder’ that is techno rapRe-discovering the joy of putting up, taking down and packing tents only to find, once again, that they never quite seem to fit back in the bag they came inAnd, pretending that the meals you prepare ‘al fresco’ on an underpowered camping stove… Read more

Where do we go from here?

With all the craziness going on in the world this year, from COVID, food supply chain stress, climate change and forest fires, the turmoil in Afghanistan only seemed to add to the general sense of anxiety many of us have been feeling. By comparison, the familiar world of Credit, Collections and Receivables management, while not exactly cuddly, has felt safe and predictable at least. In many ways we have been fortunate. Managing change This being… Read more

Navigating data chaos

Being Friday, once again everyone seems to be on the road. It’s traffic chaos. “Is it worse as a result of us all working remotely?”, I wonder. “Can we now all getaway earlier for the weekend?”, “Are we all driving due to reduced overseas holidays?” It is interesting how (at the time) seemingly unrelated things cascade through to unexpected impacts elsewhere…. of course, much of this is true at work too. A return to reporting… Read more

Short term – Long term balance

Two companies, somehow, seemed intrinsically linked this last week for some reason. Tesco Bank and Monzo. Tesco Bank was in the headlines, announcing they would be closing all current accounts, news quickly following on the heels of the sale of its mortgage book last year. Without overdrafts, it would seem that current accounts struggle to make money and they are no doubt focused on greater returns elsewhere. Monzo bank was also in the news. Initially,… Read more