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16-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -48% of Businesses see increase in late payments -JP Morgan uses blockchain to improve global transfers -Positive signs for the travel sector as hotel & flight searches increases for the first time in 2021 – CCR -A fifth of UK workers feel remote working has reduced recognition in the workplace – CCR -Can the European Union prevent an artificial intelligence dystopia? -England making the most of Covid… Read more

15-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -A Unified RCS Messaging Platform for Android Users Is Dead -Goldman Sachs settles on Birmingham for second UK office -In a first for major economy, China creates its own digital currency: Report -Lithium battery costs have fallen by 98% in three decades -Curtains Up for the One Percent -Changes for consumer credit firms post-Brexit -• Chart: UK far ahead of Europe in curbing Covid-19 -Post-Brexit… Read more

13-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -Metro Bank offers near prime mortgages and eyes further ‘niche’ markets -Metro Banks rolls out unsecured personal loans -• Chart: When will the UK go back to the office? -Shoppers surge back to high streets as Covid lockdown eases in England | Retail industry -Microsoft makes $20bn bet on speech AI firm Nuance… Read more

12-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -‘Lockdown taught us we’re more than just a gym’ -Optimism among UK business leaders hits record high | Business -Average price of UK home jumps to record high of £254,606 in March | Housing market -Passwords no longer trusted as a secure method for authentication  – Credit Connect -Prime borrowers fuel second charge lending increase – Credit Connect -Microsoft Is Reportedly in Talks to Scoop Up AI… Read more

10-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time -How Tribalism Hurts Companies, and What to Do About It -The McDonald’s drive-thru at 30: A journey back to an exotic experience -Online loans: using data to see difficulty… Read more

09-04-2021 | RO-AR Briefing (ßeta)

Headlines : -Household financial crunch continues despite support extensions – Credit Connect -Buy now pay later customers paying for retailers and creditor firms mistakes – Credit Connect -Late payments exacerbated by the pandemic – Credit Connect -A second possible break in the laws of physics has been noted -Love them or hate them, virtual meetings are here to stay -NatWest’s struggle to sell Ulster Bank… Read more