Full Interviews

Full length interviews with key industry figures

Data, Contact, Customer Journey – making the most of digital

In this full interview with Matt Whale from DebtStream we chatted about the most recent developments in Digital and Collections. This has clearly evolved from being a necessity for many companies to stay in business to now being a necessity for customers, so a need to stay in business. However, this is still evolving and there is now much more nuance and understanding of how digital is not an endpoint but a tool to help,… Read more

Predicting financial stress (and rogue waves)

The full interview with Ken Doherty from Cerebreon where we discuss the use of data analytics tools from other fields of science and how they can be applied highly effectively into financial services. Find more, interviews and video clips-Here.… Read more

Creating value with data and standardised KPIs

The full interview with Jörgen Köster from Dignisia where we discuss some of the complexities of data and performance comparison in collections, however also some of the opportunities too, especially if we get this right. Find more, interviews and video clips-Here.… Read more

Maximising benefits with good process management

In this conversation with Manu Peleteiro from InBest we chat about some of the challenges there are with knowledge and awareness of benefits within the UK… and particularly how to make finding out about availability as smooth as possible for customers… (and our shared dislike for lengthy forms!). Find out more about InBest -> Here.

Technology First: Using digital collections tools in the right way

In this video Paul Chong from Ophelos chats about his experience and perspective on the evolution of digital collections in the UK. What works, how this is in some ways reflecting customer preferences that were there before, and where the real opportunity lays. Find out more about Ophelos -> Here.