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Full length interviews with key industry figures

Collections – clearly it is all getting cloudy

Mark Morrall and Ian Simpson discuss some of the trends they have seen in cloud software and in particular in the Collections software market. With the cloud-based software, leveraging economies of scale, advanced features are gradually becoming available to all sectors of the market…. and from a delivery point of view, physical infrastructure light and highly user configurable… it is becoming a game changer and fueling yet more dynamism in the sector. Find out more… Read more

Joined up thinking: linking data, process & customer experience

Guy Statter from Qualco discusses some of the themes around where we go next within Credit and Collections processes. It is a troubling time with inflation and an increasing cost of living, and we are likely to see higher volumes and digital servicing has a part to play in helping customers… to do this well is about seamlessly linking customer journey elements and services together…. with new technology around the corner (and data) it is… Read more

Getting ahead – flagging potential for future financial difficulties

James Fell from Credit Canary discusses some of the gaps he has seen in assessing both new and existing customers for creditworthiness and the likelihood of financial difficulties. The timeliness of the information and the detail shared have both been barriers to forecasting forward. With pressing issues from the cost of living, and dynamics changing from what they have been historically, it is becoming ever more important to head off issues and provide solutions…. especially… Read more

2023 predictions & what happened in 2022

Wayne Brown from Alvarez and Marsal and I caught up at the end of 2022 to discuss what happened in 2022 (it was quite the year)… and building on their whitepaper, what is the outlook, and what do they feel the key themes be for 2023. Read more about their predictions for 2023 in their white paper -here Find out more about Alvarez & Marsal-Here.… Read more

Moving upstream?… Debt Advice in a changing economy

In this interview with Vanessa Northam from StepChange we discuss the current situation, with the increasing cost of living affecting everyone, and what they are seeing within their sector and the need for Debt Advice. It is clearly going to be hard to predict in detail where this will impact, but we do know that it will also start to impact new cohorts of customers in new ways too, with impacts being seen in different… Read more