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Missing Data – Information Lost

A further delve into the world of data and KPIs in Collections… recording data is obviously important to be able to create reporting… but this is often a gap to close… standard collections report suites and KPIs can help to identify gaps. Find out more, interviews and video clips-> Here.

Online forms: Good design and giving something back really matters

With all the focus on digitial processes, what is the best practice on making this as streamlined as possible… the trick, layering the questions, only asking for more information if really needed.Ie. let customers see the benefits and info from their answers as they go along… makes sense, but easy to say but needs thinking to design well.Interesting insight. See the full interview and find out more about InBest -> Here.

Accelerating timeframes for credit reporting and data

In this clip Sarah Davies, Ph.D. from Nova Credit discusses the accelerating nature of data exchange in credit reporting. Recency is becoming increasingly important, and likely to become more so in the future. See the full interview and find out more about Nova Credit-> Here.

Key themes for 2023

In this clip Wayne Brown from Alvarez & Marsal discusses some of the key themes he sees unfolding in 2023… building 2022 but also some new themes – generative AI, Open Finance and when will we get a super app in the west… is this the year? Read more about their predictions for 2023 in their white paper -> here Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

Earlier engagement, earlier signposting to support customers

In this clip Vanessa Northam from StepChange discusses how customer expectations are changing in Debt Advice too, post-pandemic with the move to digital. Ensuring effective signposting is ever more important across all contact channels now, to make sure customers can access support. It has been an area of focus, with progress being made. Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.