Big Bang or Big Crunch for BNPL?

[This opinion piece by Chris Warburton was originally posted on] Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) was a hot topic of a couple of conversations last week. Over the last couple of years, it has been an area of significant growth, and one that recently has had a lot of media coverage. This is especially true regarding concern for consumers who may borrow too much and get into problem debt… but are the dynamics all they really appear? A few observations from… Read more

How Can Your Subscription Business Improve Its Collections Performance?

Subscription business models are everywhere nowadays—from streaming sites to home dinner boxes, to cosmetics products. Even car companies have begun to adopt subscription models, offering customers next-level convenience while also locking in recurring revenue for their business.   Consider the following statistics:  Statista estimates the global digital subscription economy will be worth $1.5TN by 2025. Source: Statista  In 2020, the average consumer paid for 12 subscriptions, with Millennials paying for an average of 17 subscriptions.  Video and music streaming services are… Read more

6 Effective Marketing Metrics Every Collections Team Should Adopt

The COVID-19 pandemic reinvented how consumers engage with financial institutions. When bank branches were forced to close their doors and customer service telephone lines became overrun with callers, financial institutions were left with only one option: to rapidly roll out digital services.  Consider the following: According to Aurelie L’Hostis, Forrester senior analyst, “The past two years of the pandemic have fast-tracked digital behaviours and redefined how customers engage with their banks.” Today, 76% of Spanish banking customers use their mobile… Read more

What Every CFO Should Know About Their Collections Department

CFOs are responsible for every aspect of their company’s financial operations. While CFOs in small companies generally oversee debt collection, CFOs in big corporations often have little to no responsibility/concern for the collections department.  For example, according to the Wall Street Journal, CFOs’ top three priorities have nothing directly to do with debt collection.  Source: Deloitte. CFO Signals However, CFOs shouldn’t underestimate the importance of debt collection as it plays a crucial role in determining the company’s financial performance and… Read more

Why is A Humane Approach to Collections Important Now?

Global organisations across all sectors are grappling with a challenging market. The money has been flowing over the past few years—especially from ambitious venture capital firms (VCs). However, the impending recession, conflict in Europe, rising gas prices, and plummeting stock markets have significantly changed companies’ financial outlooks. These factors all impact customers’ ability to pay their bills. Thus, arrears are increasing globally. The global economic landscape In New York alone, over 1.4 million customers are behind on their utility bills… Read more