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The cat’s whiskers- Content is a-changing

Being yet another bank holiday and some great weather again, this weekend I felt the pressure to get outdoors… The garden office is now being opened (so if it rains next week it is all my fault of course). However, working outside, there were also a couple of observations this week. Firstly, I realised if cats learn to open fridges, we’re in big trouble. My cat has clearly worked out that this is where the… Read more

[REACTION]: Challenges in Tailoring Support – FCA CP 23/13 and £47m of redress

Shortcomings in customer support and due diligence within the financial industry, have resulted in redress. There is an importance for tailoring support, responding to vulnerability disclosures, and engaging customers effectively. Is this flagging the type of review and action that will happen once the onsumer Duty goes live? More Insight: Sign up and sign into our Consumer Duty portal here [it’s free]

What will happen to arrears – the delinquency cascade

In this clip, Paul Rout, from WhenFresh, discusses how people are remaining cautious in the face of financial challenges. There is potential for a “delinquency cascade,” where homes are typically the last assets affected by a downturn, there could be a wave of collections activity. Concerns remain around factors such as flight risk, changes in circumstances, and the cost of living impacting people’s ability to make payments. Find out more about WhenFresh-> Here.

Still time for tea?

Summer seemed to arrive this week. No more hiding indoors huddled over a screen. With warmer weather, it’s the opportunity to get outside. So sitting outside this weekend, basking in the sun, my mind turned to the garden… Annoyance, that the Heron seemed to have snacked on all of the fish in my pond. Amusement as to why there appeared to be some items of washing on my roof; And then the big question, what… Read more