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[REACTION]: Challenges in Tailoring Support – FCA CP 23/13 and £47m of redress

Shortcomings in customer support and due diligence within the financial industry, have resulted in redress. There is an importance for tailoring support, responding to vulnerability disclosures, and engaging customers effectively. Is this flagging the type of review and action that will happen once the onsumer Duty goes live? More Insight: Sign up and sign into our Consumer Duty portal here [it’s free]

What will happen to arrears – the delinquency cascade

In this clip, Paul Rout, from WhenFresh, discusses how people are remaining cautious in the face of financial challenges. There is potential for a “delinquency cascade,” where homes are typically the last assets affected by a downturn, there could be a wave of collections activity. Concerns remain around factors such as flight risk, changes in circumstances, and the cost of living impacting people’s ability to make payments. Find out more about WhenFresh-> Here.

Consumer Duty: The MI Challenge

With Consumer Duty top of mind, I caught up with Frank Brown from GRR Consulting and discussed some of the challenges around Management Information (MI). Two approaches are being taken: top-down and bottom-up. This is proving a challenge for many firms.It is a complex task, but important, incorporating leading and lagging indicators, qualitative and quantitative measures.The deadline is unfortunately now pressing so some urgency is needed. Find out more about GRR -Here.… Read more

Cost of Living – Getting granular detail to help

A little more from James Fell from Credit Canary sharing his observations about future challenges to cost of living… something underlined with yet another further interest rate rise today… could FinTech and innovation areas that can offer consumers some relief… certainly a possibility… Find out more about Credit Canary-> Here.

Next 5+ years, what’s the future we need to get ready for?

In this clip, Joseph Twigg from Aveni discusses the potential impact of large language models on the financial services industry. These models can assist with historically difficult tasks such as compliance assurance and assessing customer vulnerabilities. The adoption of large language models is expected to be pervasive within the industry in the next five years. Find out more about Aveni -> Here.

Convenience is king

In this clip, Arren Khan and Daniel Calcott from Digital DRA discuss the importance of customer-centricity in collections process design. It is all about keeping the human touch and making resolution and support convenient. See the full interview and find out more about Digital DRA -> Here.