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[REACTION]: Challenges in Tailoring Support – FCA CP 23/13 and £47m of redress

Shortcomings in customer support and due diligence within the financial industry, have resulted in redress. There is an importance for tailoring support, responding to vulnerability disclosures, and engaging customers effectively. Is this flagging the type of review and action that will happen once the onsumer Duty goes live? More Insight: Sign up and sign into our Consumer Duty portal here [it’s free]

Cost of Living – Getting granular detail to help

A little more from James Fell from Credit Canary sharing his observations about future challenges to cost of living… something underlined with yet another further interest rate rise today… could FinTech and innovation areas that can offer consumers some relief… certainly a possibility… Find out more about Credit Canary-> Here.

Convenience is king

In this clip, Arren Khan and Daniel Calcott from Digital DRA discuss the importance of customer-centricity in collections process design. It is all about keeping the human touch and making resolution and support convenient. See the full interview and find out more about Digital DRA -> Here.

Designing with customer support in mind

Vanessa Northam from StepChange discussed some principles around proces and product design. With the Consumer Duty deadline approach fast is it a relevant and timely throught. Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

Engagement is getting harder – attention economics

Who else thinks that attention spans are getting shorter? What does that mean for Collections…? As James O’Hare from LINK Mobility explains.. we are now in the attention economy and it is now about creating thumb-stopping moments… If you have not heard about the attention economics it is worth having a look at… Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

Collections competes for Time, Attention and Money

With the cost of living increasing and our time getting ever more squeezed businesses and consumers are having to adapt… and we now also need to change.As Paul Chong from Ophelos explains it is a competition for attention and time… making our processes convenient, helpful and easy can make all the difference.Interesting perspective, especially given the start of this year. See the full interview and find out more about Ophelos -Here.… Read more