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The cat’s whiskers- Content is a-changing

Being yet another bank holiday and some great weather again, this weekend I felt the pressure to get outdoors… The garden office is now being opened (so if it rains next week it is all my fault of course). However, working outside, there were also a couple of observations this week. Firstly, I realised if cats learn to open fridges, we’re in big trouble. My cat has clearly worked out that this is where the… Read more

Still time for tea?

Summer seemed to arrive this week. No more hiding indoors huddled over a screen. With warmer weather, it’s the opportunity to get outside. So sitting outside this weekend, basking in the sun, my mind turned to the garden… Annoyance, that the Heron seemed to have snacked on all of the fish in my pond. Amusement as to why there appeared to be some items of washing on my roof; And then the big question, what… Read more

AI emerging from the shadows – Friend or Foe?

Over the past week, I have found myself in repeated conversations about AI and large language models… it seems like interest in it continues to grow at pace, expanding beyond ChatGPT to other models and uses too. The rate of development in this AI space, with new products coming to market attention, is just astounding – and far from being big tech only, open source models, able to run on PCs (soon phones?), are already… Read more

A Royal Flush…

This weekend was the King’s coronation in the UK, with much pomp and circumstance to watch; tea and biscuits to consume. While the festivities were undoubtedly memorable, the event also heavily emphasized, a royal flush of ideas… inclusion, tolerance, and having a duty of care to others – values that resonated beyond the event itself, across the UK, wider society, and yes even in the financial services industry. Quick wins… In today’s fast-paced world, we… Read more

The little big things

Last week, I was back in Toronto, Canada, in what was really beautiful spring weather, sunny, flowers starting and green grass (spring is after all short there – summer in a couple of weeks!). The trip not only offered me the chance to catch up with friends and old-colleagues, but also allowed me to spend the week discussing the Canadian market, receivables and collections processes. In particular the progress that has been made since the… Read more

How AI improved my holiday and can change the way we talk (for the better)

Last week I was off on holiday in Scotland. It was an opportunity to relax, reflect on things, have too much tea and cake, with some walking in between. Having spent the last few weeks experimenting with ChatGPT, this of course also came on holiday with me too, consisting largely of demonstrating the capabilities to those that haven’t seen it yet… (it really is like magic). Playing with ChatGPT: Poems and Creativity A small but… Read more