Awards Season – Making it count

It is nearing the end of exam season and in the last couple of weeks, I have also spent some time marking… judging industry award entries.  As always it has been an interesting process, with lots of close entries, which often made it hard to determine winners. Of course a winner there has to be. Based on the entries, category criteria, and combined judges’ responses (no sorry I cannot be influenced!) it was a robust process. However, having seen the… Read more

That Friday feeling… on Thursday

Why is it that short weeks always feel longer than longer ones? It never ceases to amaze me, and that was exactly what happened this last week, being the second bank holiday in May (in the UK). I am not sure if it is the need to cram five days of work into four, or just because it is all too easy to slip into a mini holiday the weekend before, but that Monday feeling—of course, now a Tuesday feeling—… Read more


So that is it, a General Election has been called in the UK. Ahead of us we now have 6 weeks of campaign, wall-to-wall TV coverage, lots of promises and being told how things will be so much better if only we vote a certain way on July 4th. Whatever your political views, we now know one thing that will not happen in the next few weeks… that is much progress on regulation or related matters. We have entered a… Read more

Search is dead, long live search

It was a bank holiday this weekend, and, for what felt like the first time this year, a strange, warm orange ball appeared in the sky. Travelling into town, this had clearly caught everyone with a sense of surprise. Everyone was wearing an interesting mix of clothes. Some, clearly those who got up early, were bundled up, clad in coats, shoes and winter wear… seemingly refused to believe it was warmOthers, those who surfaced later, had made the switch and… Read more

Time flies – eventually

Last week I had an evening trip down to London. As it was after work, after a full day and with the travel, well I felt like skipping it… it would be easier to stay local. However, a casual unrelated, comment “it is always much better to meet in person” – set a seed and made me change my mind… I’m glad I did; they were right. Sometimes is better to take the more difficult path in the end and… Read more

Track to the Future

It was only a quick question… “if I forward an email, can other people see that I have done so?” ‘Pretty straightforward’, I opined… yet on further thought, it was a much smarter question than I gave credit for… and one that illustrated a couple of underlying truths or trends. No Slacking Now I am someone who has grown up with email… I have a fondness for Outlook, and dare I say, Lotus Notes and ccMail too! But, rather than… Read more