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Weekly Headline Roundup: 12-04-2024

Headline Update 12-04-2024 : -UN adopts ‘landmark’ resolution on making AI safe and trustworthy -Consumer card spending growth flatlined in March -Consumers borrow on average £5,600 in personal loans over a lifetime -Klarna launches credit card challenge -UK car insurance cost up by third but just 2% in France | Car insurance -Thames Water parent tells creditors it has defaulted on debt | Thames Water -Changes to Debt Relief Orders will support people… Read more

Weekly Headline Roundup: 05-04-2024

Headline Update 05-04-2024 : -One third of consumers are haggling on their bills -Buy-to-let lending arrears increase – Credit Connect -Google looks to AI paywall option, claims report -WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook apps hit by outage -Instagram, WhatsApp and Meta Business Services Suffer Outages -Improving signs not yet enough to lessen household squeeze -Consumers cut back on borrowing -Beware April’s impending employment law changes -Microsoft pushes Teams out of M365 and… Read more

Weekly Headline Roundup: 29-03-2024

Headline Update 29-03-2024 : -Data roaming charges rules change announced for UK tourists -J.P. Morgan and Expedia Urge Treasurers to Focus on Risk Management -J.P. Morgan and Expedia Urge Treasurers to Focus on Risk Management -Astonishing photograph of last year’s annular solar eclipse in Utah -Beware the rise of the everything adviser -‘I owe £25,000 on three credit cards’: the Britons drowning in debt | Borrowing & debt -It’s daylight e-robbery: how entrepreneurs… Read more

Weekly Headline Roundup: 22-03-2024

Headline Update 22-03-2024 : -GPT-5 might arrive this summer as a “materially better” update to ChatGPT -UK should consider ‘housing sin taxes’, inspired by Australia and Canada -Pub insolvencies hit ten year high -Credit consumption increases with consumers taking on more debt for longer -Mortgage missed payment levels rise -Close Brothers launches £400mn capital plan on car finance probe -UK consulting market to flatline as clients cut spending, study finds -Dell Says… Read more

Weekly Headline Roundup: 15-03-2024

Headline Update 15-03-2024 : -AI Prompt Engineering Is Dead -AI Spam Threatens the Internet—AI Can Also Protect It -A Few Social Media Influencers Are Shaping AI -Microsoft AI-powered cyber service to go live in April -EU set to impose stringent rules on food packaging -MEPs approve world’s first comprehensive AI law -WhenFresh HMO Targeting Delivers 95% Success Rate for Coventry City Council -Martin Lewis investigates shady actions by UK Debt Collection Company… Read more

Weekly Headline Roundup: 08-03-2024

Headline Update 08-03-2024 : -Anthropic Sets a New Gold Standard: Your Move, OpenAI -Younger borrowers facing barriers to access credit -First-time buyers stretching mortgage repayments as 35 years mortgages rise -Mortgage reforms excluding first-time buyers -Companies House rolls out new powers to tackle fraud -ICO takes regulatory action against five public authorities under the FOI Act -Credit card complaints hit all time high -Virgin Media O2 clients hit with 8.8% price rises… Read more