ROAR Video Clips

Accelerating Threats – the Rising Cost of Cybersecurity

In this clip Kevin Prone from FourNet and Kevin Still discuss the increasing pace and complexity of regulatory environments, emphasizing the need for vigilance and adaptation. There is the challenge of keeping up with an exponentially growing number of factors requiring oversight, advocating for the implementation of proportionate controls and they acknowledge the costs involved in adapting to these challenges, especially for smaller entities like debt buyers, collectors, and advice firms, which operate in a space dominated by much larger… Read more

Prioritising Quality Over Quantity

Here Hanif Joshaghani emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity in customer interactions. He stresses the goal should be to have meaningful conversations and achieve the right outcomes with customers, rather than inundating them with messages. Overloading customers with messages can lead to digital and decision fatigue, diminishing the effectiveness of communication. The need to use behavioral science to trigger favorable emotional responses and ensure messages stand out amid the noise is important. We should expect that addressing this challenge… Read more

From Excel to Graphs: Navigating Financial Networks

In this clip Jim Webber from Neo4J, praises the versatility of Excel while highlighting its limitations in handling complex data relationships. Graph theory can help. They can be throught of like the London Tube map, with stations connected by lines representing train routes. This analogy illustrated the ease of understanding networks with dots connected by lines. Find out more about Neo4J -> Here.

How Credit Unions can Personalise and Save

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR explains how underwriting loans and providing personalized services in credit unions are costly due to the high personnel requirement. Technology aims to reduce these costs by digitizing services where feasible. Many younger members prefer this digital approach, enjoying the convenience of managing their banking needs via an app, and receiving updates through emails or push notifications, though some direct interactions remain necessary. Find out more about SOAR -> Here. #soar

Is the Social Contract Fracturing – Post Pandemic Changes

In this clip Russell Hamblin-Boone, CEO of CIVEA, explains how sSince the pandemic, there has been an increase in abuse and assaults on enforcement agents, reflecting a broader trend of declining social compliance across various sectors. This “fracturing of the social contract” signifies a shift where individuals feel entitled to challenge authority and interpret rules to suit their personal beliefs, effectively undermining standard societal norms. Find out more about CIVEA -> Here. #civea

The Lending Dilemma: High Street Banks vs. Credit Unions

In the clip, Andrew Rabbitt discusses the importance of effectively collecting debts to prevent long-term negative consequences for individuals. He argues that not addressing debt issues promptly can impact individuals when future lenders or service providers assess their financial history. Acknowledging that the credit sector needs improvements in data reporting and accessibility, emphasizing the importance of quick and convenient interactions with borrowers, however he suggest that delaying notifications about missed payments is counterproductive and can lead to worse recovery rates.… Read more