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Accelerating Threats – the Rising Cost of Cybersecurity

In this clip Kevin Prone from FourNet and Kevin Still discuss the increasing pace and complexity of regulatory environments, emphasizing the need for vigilance and adaptation. There is the challenge of keeping up with an exponentially growing number of factors requiring oversight, advocating for the implementation of proportionate controls and they acknowledge the costs involved in adapting to these challenges, especially for smaller entities like debt buyers, collectors, and advice firms, which operate in a space dominated by much larger… Read more

How Credit Unions can Personalise and Save

In this clip Andrew Duncan from SOAR explains how underwriting loans and providing personalized services in credit unions are costly due to the high personnel requirement. Technology aims to reduce these costs by digitizing services where feasible. Many younger members prefer this digital approach, enjoying the convenience of managing their banking needs via an app, and receiving updates through emails or push notifications, though some direct interactions remain necessary. Find out more about SOAR -> Here. #soar

Is the Social Contract Fracturing – Post Pandemic Changes

In this clip Russell Hamblin-Boone, CEO of CIVEA, explains how sSince the pandemic, there has been an increase in abuse and assaults on enforcement agents, reflecting a broader trend of declining social compliance across various sectors. This “fracturing of the social contract” signifies a shift where individuals feel entitled to challenge authority and interpret rules to suit their personal beliefs, effectively undermining standard societal norms. Find out more about CIVEA -> Here. #civea

INSIGHTS ¦ FCA Consumer Duty: the art of the possible in a year

Summary of the speech by Sheldon Mills, Executive Director, Consumers and Competition, delivered at KPMG. Summary The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has made significant strides in implementing the Consumer Duty for open products, with a looming deadline for closed products compliance. Key initiatives include publishing a small firms survey and a good and bad practice guide, aiming to foster an environment conducive to healthy competition and innovation within the financial services sector. The FCA emphasizes the importance of prioritizing areas… Read more

Emails: Responding to Others vs. Creating Your Agenda

In this clip Deborah Bulcock emphasizes the importance of managing one’s day according to personal priorities rather than being driven by others’ demands through emails. She suggests allocating specific times to respond to emails, while also considering whether these communications serve one’s own personal or professional goals. The underlying message – make sure you are aligning and value the time spent on activities that align with your goals. Find out more about Deborah Bulcock -> Here. #DeborahBulcock

Regulatory Wind of Change – Regulators working together

Peter Wordsworth discusses a significant development in the regulatory landscape/ The Insolvency Service and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are now collaborating for the first time, particularly in the Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) sector. This partnership aims to address previous regulatory gaps, where IVAs were not directly regulated by the FCA but through other bodies, creating a gray area especially concerning creditor regulation. He views this cooperation as a positive change that could benefit creditors, insolvency practitioners, and consumers alike… Read more