ROAR Interview

The Evolving Landscape of Digital Security – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Kevin Prone from FourNet, together with Kevin Still, discusses the escalating threats in cybersecurity, highlighting the rapid advancement and sophistication of cyber-attacks, especially in light of recent events like the COVID-19 pandemic which accelerated digital transformation. They discuss the challenges of ensuring digital security in this fast-evolving landscape, including the implications for both corporations and consumers, the importance of multi-factor authentication, governance frameworks, and the potential need for more in-person interactions to establish trust in the digital age. Find out… Read more

Tech Innovations Transforming Credit Union Services – [FULL INTERVIEW]

In this conversation with Andrew Duncan, CEO of SOAR, a platform supporting credit unions and CDFIs, we discuss insights into the evolving landscape of credit unions in the wake of the cost of living crisis and technological advancements. Andrew highlights the shift in borrowing purposes towards essential needs, the challenge of technology adoption, the significance of community bonds, and the potential growth of the credit union sector through technological innovation and consolidation. Find out more about SOAR -> Here. Key… Read more

An Insight into the Modern World of Enforcement – [FULL INTERVIEW]

In this conversation with Russell Hamblin-Boone, CEO of the Civil Enforcement Association, we discuss some of the innovations that have been reshaping the sector, highlighting significant regulatory changes, the introduction of the Enforcement Conduct Board, and the nuanced approaches to debt collection in a post-pandemic society. The conversation sheds light on the complexities of modern enforcement practices, the impact of technology, and the evolving relationship between enforcement agencies, debtors, and the broader community. Find out more about CIVEA -Here.… Read more

Burnout to Balance: Insights and Strategies for Modern Leaders – [FULL INTERVIEW]

In this conversation with Deborah Bulcock, an executive coach, we discuss her insights on transitioning from corporate life to running her own coaching business since 2018. She discussed the challenges of balancing marketing, sales, and client work, emphasizing the importance of networking and finding effective business development strategies. Reflecting on her work we also discuss covered stress, burnout, and the impacts of remote working. An advocate for self-awareness, incremental change, and seeking support to manage stress effectively, Deborah explains here… Read more

Enhanced Communications Clarity – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Peter Wordsworth, from Consumer Duty Services, shares his insights on the evolving landscape of debt advice, the pivotal role of technology, and the impact of regulatory changes on the sector. With an emphasis on the current economic pressures, he highlights the challenges and opportunities within debt advice, emphasizing innovation, the adoption of digital solutions, and the importance of data-driven decisions. Peter sheds light on the shifts in consumer behavior and creditor expectations but also outlines the potential path forward for… Read more

Helping Customers and Clients with Service Visits and Data – [FULL INTERVIEW]

Gary Jones, Managing Director of Verify, delves into the evolving landscape of field services in the financial and utility sectors, emphasizing a shift from traditional debt collection to a more nuanced approach focusing on customer support and data collection. He discusses the impact of recent socio-economic changes on customer vulnerability and the integration of technology in field services. Find out more about Verify -Here. Key Points Field services are transitioning from debt collection to information gathering and customer support.The… Read more