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imi mobile

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Who: Recordsure What: Recordsure started in the world of speech analytics. Now covering document analytics too, their product not only records calls, analysing what is said, but also the context of what is said, including the linking of this across multiple customer interactions. This is particularly useful in areas such as compliance monitoring, where all customer interactions are monitored, analyzed for compliance issues, then reanalyzed to look for root cause issues and indicators to mitigate… Read more


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Who: 4most What: 4most is one of the UK’s largest risk consultancies, looking at everything from a Risk and Credit Risk point of view. Data and scorecard assessments, IFRS9, Basel III and provisioning, economics and modelling, the team can cover and advises on all areas within risk management and more. Initially based in the UK, they have expanded across Europe, and more recently globally, to help provide insight and services for clients where needed. Where:… Read more


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Who: Mo What: Mo concentrates on enabling employees and employers to share and celebrate experiences, Moments, at work. Their app creates an ecosystem and channel to recognise, record and reward some of the great work and interactions happening across any business. This quickly provides insight to behaviour and organisational dynamics in order to improve organisational culture for employees. Where: Jump to Section: Highlights : Full Interviews : Screenshots – Demos : Product Explainers :… Read more

Pete Cohen

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Who: Pete Cohen What: Pete Cohen is an Author, Speaker and leadership coach, who helps individuals and businesses achieve their goals. He likes to get people to think differently, outside the box, to take postive actions to improve their situation. He works with everyone from some of the largest companies in the uk, to sports stars and teams, to individuals to help them reach peak performance for their goals. This includes wellness and creating positive,… Read more


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Who: WhenFresh What: WhenFresh bills itself as the UK’s Residential Property “Data Supermarket” for Banks, Insurers and other Big Data users. It specialises in property data, aiding valuations and risk assessments on the property and by association the impact on businesses or residents. Their understanding of data, and how this can be used to infer risk, helps lenders with automated approvals, insurers with insurance assurance assessments and operations with actions to help customers mitigate risk.… Read more