Growing guidance – a new baseline

The big development this week was the release, from the FCA, of finalised guidance for treatment around vulnerable customers. Much of this reflects some of the best practices we already see within financial services and other leading industries, and indeed it was been broadly welcomed by the industry. However, with this guidance we see more formal regulatory scope for enforcement, at regulated firms in particular. The regulatory compliance bar is raised a little higher once… Read more

The true spirit of TCF: Helping out to help the brand

Colin Brown, CEO of Aryza, talks about how if we can truly help a customer in moments of need, not only can it create a positive outcome for the customer themselves, but also really help to build a business’s brand. It is about doing the right thing. See the full interview and find out more about Aryza-Here.… Read more

Half term – half time

Things seemed to slow this week. Maybe it was because it was half term at school or maybe we are just more in a rhythm. Mind you in the wider world there were still a few stories that caught the eye. Bitcoin First was the eye-watering increase in the price of Cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular, reaching over $50,000 last week. This has been a 5 fold increase in the last year alone.… Read more

AI’s dirty secret

Paul Jozefak from Receeve talks about AI, and how machine learning can be used to transform the collections process, and some of the first steps to think about to start. See the full interview and find out more about Receeve-Here.… Read more

Managing without face to face meetings

In discussion with Gareth Bailey and Martin O’Donnell from DebtStream. They talk about have they have managed without face to face meetings with implementation, what has been difficult, and some of the benefits of being remote. See the full interview and find out more about DebtStream -Here.… Read more

Mining new data for new value

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With the move of much of our lives online, digital interaction has now become almost everyday. Development and configuration does take time however and this week I seem to have mainly spent setting up some digital infrastructure behind the scenes here. What particularly struck me however, and spending time with the detail, is the level of information and tracking now available. Much of this is in contrast to the typical data used common customer journeys,… Read more