A quirky reflective look at the weeks news and latest developments.

Staycation, Vacation

From With the summer holidays upon us, international travel has once again been difficult and as a result, there has been an incentive to holiday more locally. Sometimes it is easy to overlook some great spots on your doorstep, and staying local is probably not such a bad thing for the environment, so this could be the year. With 18 months of ‘always connected, always on’ remote working, this is a good time to… Read more

Back to reality

From This week many of us across the nation have been on tenterhooks. The big question being, will we receive a ping and have to go into isolation, due to a COVID-related contact and right before we go on holiday. With rising cases across the UK, and in now other countries across Europe, the stress has been palpable. After a year of changing plans, many of us have been taking things day by day,… Read more

… on not waving extra time away

From When everything is busy it is all too easy to let less exciting areas of admin slip a little. Expenses, accounting, even catching up on events and getting time for future planning can be tricky. It has been a bit like this recently, and with travel starting again the pressure is only going to increase. It will be back to shopping whilst on the train, and completing expense forms in the airport, on… Read more

Perché mi sveglio ogni mattina alle 5:30

From Why do I wake up at 5:30 every morning?… We’ve all seen those articles on LinkedIn: Richard Branson does it, Tim Cook does it and Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson certainly does it. Now, I’m not knocking getting up early and undoubted there are benefits; extra time in the day to exercise, read and get focused on what needs to be done. As I get older I also like to get up earlier, it’s… Read more

Strategy guru or fashion victim

From Human communication can sometimes be a strange and subtle thing. I was reminded of this, this week, in an online exchange where there was a misunderstanding, and things should I say, got a little testy. We were discussing global collections trends on a call this week with a panel of people from around the world. Digital, digital journeys seem to be a common theme everywhere, as was a focus on customer-centric treatment. It… Read more

It’s a game of two halves.

From With G7 leaders gathering and the start of the Euro football competition last weekend, we had some echoes of normality once again… only to be dashed at the start of the week with another 4 week extension to lockdown restrictions. This new variant seems tricky. With high degrees of transmissibility, it is now the dominant strain in the UK. Once in the population, it seems it spreads rapidly, especially amongst without antibodies or… Read more