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Orchestrating customer journeys – digitally

In this clip Matt Whale from DebtStream discusses the concept of customer journey orchestration and how we need to think not just about digital journey’s but the entire journey for the customer. Technology is the facilitator for good customer outcomes… Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

In Focus: Financial Promotions and the FCA

An interesting discussion with Kevin Still on the consequences of google changing their advertising policy to require FCA authorisation for debt services. This does change the dynamics of the industry, will likely flow through into changes to volumes (mix) and underlines a wider theme around good debt advice. Kevin has also produced a companion summary background document too. Register below to get a copy. function runOnFormSubmit_sf3z97637f94e75ca13222b5ff4f20f3ebd31144bd5cc25c7c7dd6c13df83301a65e(th){/*Before submit, if you want to trigger your event, "include… Read more

Machine learning, it still sounds complex: where to start?

There is much talk on Machine Learning these data… it all sounds very interesting and complex… but where do we actually start.Kenneth Doherty from Cerebreon had a very pragmatic approach in our discussion on starting simply… remember the machine will always give you an answer, even if it is the wrong one… so it is really worth understanding your design and what you are seeing in the output! Find out more, interviews and video clips->… Read more

Future proofing your data – get granular & high quality

A clip from a conversation with Jörgen Köster from Dignisia AB, where we chatted about using data to standardise performance monitoring and make performance comparisons. In this piece, we talk about the importance of gathering more data, it helps with understanding and in turn also with accurate portfolio pricing too. The march of standardisation continues 🙂 (check out better pricing with better data too via the link below). Find out more, interviews and video clips->… Read more

Who is missing out in claiming benefits

Following on from the cost of living increase discussions, income maximisation is becoming increasingly important (there is only so much that can be done by cost cutting and saving).Manu Peleteiro from Inbestai and I chat about income maximisation and in particular about how common people are not aware they are eligible for potential benefits. An illuminating and useful discussion. See the full interview and find out more about InBest -> Here.