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It’s okay to be vulnerable

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Helen Lord, CEO of the Vulnerability Registration Service talks about the stigma associated with vulnerability. It seems it is becoming more acceptable to talk about it… the stigma seems to be fading a little. See the full interview and find out more about VRS-> Here.

Vulnerability Outcomes

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In this clip John Willoughby from Elanev discusses about vulnerability and how outcomes, and in particular avoiding harm, is important in understanding what needs to be done. See the full interview and find out more about Elanev-> Here.

Augmented Intelligence

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In conversation with Jonathan Drechsler, head of business development at Recordsure. In this clip Jonny explains what speech analysis can and cannot be used for. It is all about identifying areas of risk, for further investigation or human interaction (to mitigate risk), rather than solely automating processes. As such it offers a tremendous opportunity to focus limited time for reviews on the most important cases across the entire customer base, not just a limited sample.… Read more

Flexible contacts – flexing channels for great processes

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In conversation with Neil Whitaker, strategic account director at IMIMobile. In this clip Neil explains how we can integrate multiple contact channels into a customer journey. Using channel flexibility, and omnichannel capability, seamless customer journeys can be built to smooth the customer experience. See the full interview and find out more about imi mobile -> Here.

Going as digital as possible, as fast as possible

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In this clip Mark Kelly from KeyIVR talks about the pressure and call to action that COVID has generated for companies to automate and digitallise their proceseses. It has been transformational. At lot has been done, however there is still plenty more to do and this is very much still the start of the journey. See the full interview and find out more about KeyIVR -Here.… Read more

Motivation, Retention, Attrition

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In this clip Emma Skygebjerg, Director WFM at Puzzel talks about how in the current environment they are seeing schedule flexibility being a competitive advantage for companies in retaining employees. The challenge of course is not only just offering this, but also ensuring that all this schedule flexibility is under control and resources are scheduled at the right time for customers queries and contact requirements. See the full interview and find out more about Puzzel… Read more