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Key themes for 2023

In this clip Wayne Brown from Alvarez & Marsal discusses some of the key themes he sees unfolding in 2023… building 2022 but also some new themes – generative AI, Open Finance and when will we get a super app in the west… is this the year? Read more about their predictions for 2023 in their white paper -> here Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

Earlier engagement, earlier signposting to support customers

In this clip Vanessa Northam from StepChange discusses how customer expectations are changing in Debt Advice too, post-pandemic with the move to digital. Ensuring effective signposting is ever more important across all contact channels now, to make sure customers can access support. It has been an area of focus, with progress being made. Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

Get Engaged – Stay Engaged – Early

Are we thinking enough about getting in touch of customers early enough… before they run into trouble, with help to avoid problems… and how to do this in a cost-effective manner. In this clip, Paul Jozefak talks about this approach, leading into a wider discussion about how we can use data and strategy, within (pre)collections today to prime customers for future support avenues, for potential use later due to cost of living increases. Find out… Read more

Are telephone calls worse than the dentist?

In this clip James O’Hare from Link UK chats about how are lives are becoming dominated by mobile devices and communications through them. This is especially true in younger demographics where phone calls are never made or received… how to engage this group is going to become increasingly important. Find out more, interviews and video clips-Here.… Read more

Orchestrating customer journeys – digitally

In this clip Matt Whale from DebtStream discusses the concept of customer journey orchestration and how we need to think not just about digital journey’s but the entire journey for the customer. Technology is the facilitator for good customer outcomes… Find out more, interviews and video clips->Here.

In Focus: Financial Promotions and the FCA

An interesting discussion with Kevin Still on the consequences of google changing their advertising policy to require FCA authorisation for debt services. This does change the dynamics of the industry, will likely flow through into changes to volumes (mix) and underlines a wider theme around good debt advice. Kevin has also produced a companion summary background document too. Register below to get a copy. function runOnFormSubmit_sf3z97637f94e75ca13222b5ff4f20f3ebd31144bd5cc25c7c7dd6c13df83301a65e(th){/*Before submit, if you want to trigger your event, "include… Read more