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[DASHBOARD] Remote working desires

Remote-Hyrbid-OnSite working has been a theme throughout the COVID pandemic. During this time many were forced to work remotely and many also found benefits to do so. Now with the pandemic ending there has been a push to return to the office, on-site. But want to employees want, really want, and how will this evolve over time? Our survey aims to find out. If you would like to also have your say, you can join… Read more

[DASHBOARD] UK Energy Market Turmoil

The energy market in the UK has been in turmoil recently with the increase in wholesale gas prices. This has resulted in a wave of companies ceasing trading and falling part of the Ofgem support scheme for consumers. We have summarised the ofgem data below in an explorable data set, to be able to ‘slice and dice’ the current state of this industry. [data notes: updated manually from Ofgem news:] If you have found… Read more

Buy-Now-Pay-Later: How is this different from consumer lending?

There has been a lot written about the Buy-Now-Pay-Later sector the last few years. It has been growing at 39% per year in the UK, and this form of deferred payment is spreading from its origins in Europe, to the rest of the world now too. What is Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)? Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a way for consumers to make purchases, and defer payments for them to a later period,… Read more

Symptomatic Performance Diagnosis

Remotely assess operational risk and evaluate issues across the customer lifecycle  MANAGING THE CREDIT RISK PROCESS Credit risk is simply the assessment of the risk that a customer will default on payment for a product or services that has been provided. In many businesses controlling this risk is a critical element in profitability.  Accept too much risk, revenue loss increases; too little, growth is constrained.  It has to be just right, finding the ideal balance… Read more

UK Energy Supply Market Challenges

With global energy cost increasing, in the UK we have been seeing an increasing my of suppliers go out of business. There has been a lot written about htis in the media recently, but as ever it always good to look at the actual numbers rather than the headlines. So after crawling through various websites, I was able to gather the data and I was surprised to see the extent of the issue, the total… Read more

Customer Experience and Collections

Ideas to generate improved customer experience from the collections process THE CUSTOMER LIFECYCLE Effective management of Accounts Receivable (AR) requires process management and control across multiple elements of the customer lifecycle.  Together these elements represent the Risk Operations lifecycle. Managing each is critical to drive results, maintain controls, and balance with customer satisfaction. Fig 1:  Risk Operations Lifecycle One key element in this control process is Collections which exists downstream, at the end of the… Read more