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Sundae desserts – some critical thinking

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I had an interesting discussion this week on the role of criticism. Most of us accept that some criticism is part of life. After all a bit of constructive criticism, and making a few mistakes, allows us to be better next time. It lets us know we need to improve, where to focus, and is most likely the fastest way to get there too. All very logical and rational. The right thing to say, right?… Read more

Processing AI

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This week I was lucky enough to attend the SmithNovak NPL Europe conference in London. It was an interesting day of discussion through the debt purchase and servicing processes. The industry, which after what seemed to be seeing a slow down during the pandemic, is clearly now expecting volume to increase. Feedback from most on the day were expectations that volumes (# of portfolios for sale) will be increasing towards the back end of the… Read more

A new rule

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Another long weekend this week – in the UK, through April and May, the public holidays just seem to keep coming. This time of year is great, the days are warming up, evenings are getting longer and a few days off is always welcome. The only challenge seems to be that delivery dates don’t, unfortunately, stretch or take holidays too…despite having extra days off, the work still needs to get done. So we all seem… Read more

What we can all learn from ABBA

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This last week was again a short week, and being an extension of Easter it involved a short trip to London to see Hamilton, the musical, which together with my trip to the ABBA museum in the prior week, has made this a very musically themed fortnight. Outside of widely popular songs, and great performances this did set me thinking. There was a common thread to greatness in just how hard, deliberate, and diligent people… Read more

More than just cake…

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Last week, I spent much of the time out of the country, in Sweden. Apart from considerable overindulgence in excellent cakes, drinking coffee and sampling delicious local food creations (not to mention some rather ropey ABBA dancing exploits too), what really struck me was the money, the cash or more precisely the complete lack of it. I was there for 4 days, did not use it and did not need it, not once. Now I… Read more

Office fever?

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This week the number of people with COVID in the UK seems to have exploded. About 5m, or 1 in 13, apparently have active COVID cases. It does seem as if everyone knows someone under the weather. With so many being folks ill, it is of course having an impact. Many people are off work, with even flights being cancelled and with the getaway for the Easter holidays starting it has frustrated many plans. But… Read more