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A blip in time

This week marked my first trip, on a train, into central London in what will be nearly 20 months. Old habits are clearly hard to break, and of course, I ended up in Pret-A-Manger munching on a toasted sandwich with a coffee, watching the world go by… it was good to be back… like old times… Or was it? In some other ways, the experience was unsettling. The first train was quiet – I got… Read more

Running out of time, or time to think differently?

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Time is becoming a problem again, it seems. Not really time itself, more the lack of it. And, it was not just me noticing this, this week other people were reporting the same observation too. Things are getting busy. It is all too familiar. You have a list of things that you need to do and all progresses well at the start of the week. But, by Friday (and earlier sometimes), you suddenly realize that… Read more

Bacon sandwich or lemsip

I was feeling a little under the weather much of this week. Normally this would not be a concern, I would just soldier on, keep going. In the current environment, with COVID cases rising again locally, everything seemed different. So despite not showing classic COVID systems, I pretty much spent the week stuck indoors, my days filled with taking lateral flow tests and feeling sorry for myself. Despite being isolated at home however, in some… Read more

Are we all getting lazy?

Lockdown has changed us in many ways, apparently some we don’t even realize. A new example recently came up during the weekly supermarket shop. Converting to online Online delivery has really taken off over the last few years. Stuck at home, locked down, it has been a lifeline for many folks, reducing the risk from contact for customers and employees alike. However, despite these initial drivers, many of us have also found it, well, just… Read more

Don’t touch my pizza

Petrol crisis, gas crisis… carbon dioxide, chicken, tomato sauce, milkshakes, beer… the headlines have been rich the last few weeks with stories about labour shortages and supply chain issues. Outside there shortages themselves, the headlines also reveal a couple of interesting observations. Just how quickly we resort to panic buying – individualism rules, our bias to to look after number one, of family unit, rather than playing as a team across societyThe headlines in some… Read more

All Change

Crikey, so many people I spoke with this week were either changing jobs or new people who were leaving and struggling to recruit for open positions. And, this was not just in the UK but across other markets, it seemed. What is going on? Questions have been racing through my mind. Has a year working from home been too much for us. We cannot stand it anymore and need a change to get back to… Read more