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Beneath the shade of an old walnut tree

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Recently I have developed a bit of habit in the evenings… binge-watching cooking shows. Now, those that know me, know I do enjoy a bit of cooking, especially making anything new (fresh mozzarella anyone… the latest project, although not quite sure how this will turn out!). These shows are great for new ideas, as well as making me very hungry late at night… but it is not the only reason I find them fascinating. The… Read more

Times are a changing

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News this week has of course been dominated by the Queen, sadly passing away, now succeeded by King Charles. My first thoughts were, of course with the family, it is no doubt a difficult time for them.My second thought was how to avoid the full force of the blizzard of news seemingly on every TV channel, newspaper, radio interview, and all across social media… in the UK it has been relentless. For some, this coverage… Read more

Back to school

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This weekend is a key milestone for many of us… yes next week (in many places at least) it’s the Labour day weekend and the following week back to school. It’s a sure sign of the end of summer, quieter days at the home office and for those without school aged kids, the start of cheaper airfares! In hot water Of course, this also means earlier sunsets and with the weather cooling the sinking prospect… Read more

Not working…

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Last week I was in Albania of all places. It was a good trip with dramatic mountains, wide beaches, and good food. It did also, of course, also prompt a few other thoughts and observations. Why do we work? It is of course easy, no longer caught up in the rat race, to dream of staying on your holiday a bit longer… not returning to the office, selling up, and moving out to some exotic… Read more

On the road to somewhere

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A week of holiday this week (so no video this week) and I have been sampling the delights of the North Wales countryside. Despite some, what appeared to be near vertical footpaths, the weather held… it was a good break. It also meant some spare time for a few observations too! The roads The roads in North Wales seem to be one of the few places in the UK where the words “ARAF, SLOW” really… Read more

The Land of Make Believe

Being at a loose end over the weekend, I finally succumbed to purchasing the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Maybe I was reliving my youth and fantasy parallel career, or simply that after 2 years of being stuck at home, a subliminal message from my subconscious, that I need to get out and about again… a good omen to a business trip in my near future maybe! Either way, by Saturday afternoon I was… Read more