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Whatsup – Collections Think Tank summary themes

This last week was the Credit Connect Collections think tank. There was some good attendance which was great, and we were lucky enough to have some great speakers covering some new topics. On the day it is always busy, juggling between asking questions, fielding questions from the attendees and keeping the time on track. However, there were a few trends that really stood out. Everyone is really busy I don’t know what has happened since… Read more

Captain Kirk and ChatGPT

A difficult start to this week. I seem to have managed to catch COVID, did not get to write my blog this week, and to top, it all have already had an argument with ChatGPT. COVID is really sneaky. I have no idea how I caught it as I basically lived like a hermit last week, head down, getting stuff done, working from home. Ok, I may have gone to the local shop for biscuits… Read more

It’s a small world after all

Last week was the first time in a long time I have been away long haul for work. Of course, I met some great people, had some interesting conversations, together with plenty of great food along the way too. However, what really struck me is just how much globalisation has moved on again. Development is happening at an accelerated pace, especially when you are not looking it seems. Some examples Getting picked up at the… Read more

Risk on – Game on?

Being the start of the year it is a good time to think about goals… and it is also a good time to think about your sales pipeline too. One of the things that have always struck me, in the culture of business development, is how this changes across the world. Different markets seem to take different approaches. Compare, for example, the differences between the UK and the USA. In the UK, we would pride… Read more

Trends to watch: 2023

Humph, the new year starts for real this week; back to work and back to school. Like champagne, cold, fizzy, refreshing on New Years’ eve – already opened warm and flat it, the next day, somehow does not seem quite so exciting. Yet, here we are and before the craziness really starts next week it is a good time to look at 2023 predictions. This year the number of papers forecasting 2023 seems to have… Read more

2023 – repeat resolutions ready?

As the clock ticks over to 2023 goal setting season starts… or at least time for some new year resolutions. So… what do we all want to achieve this year? Outside regular personal resolutions… going to the gym, losing a few pounds and being brave enough to wear those jazzy socks you were given with smart casual business dress… how should we think about what else we should add to our lists? Reflections with friends… Read more