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Data and Technology, trends and themes in recruitment

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In this full interview with Harrison Goode, from Edge Tech, we discuss some of the trends and themes in the technology recruiting space. This has been a very active area recently and it does not show any sign of slowing down. Find out what is hot, where and what are current requirements from employers in the market. Find out more about Edge Tech -> Here.

Biometrics for your device

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In this full interview with Giulio Coluccia CEO of Toothpic, Giulio discusses the future of cyber security and how we are moving to a world without passwords. We already have biometrics for ourselves… biometrics for our device is also coming too… the combination of the two giving us extra layers of security. The world is moving fast, often in ways we don’t immediately see or know about. Very interesting. Find out more about Tootpic-Here.… Read more

Proactive data for Collections

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In this full interview, Stuart Murgatroyd from Data On Demand discusses the data environment in collections and the use of new data sources to proactively identify and understand customer behaviour. In areas such as identifying customer vulnerability (linking to the FCA’s customers financial lives survey and consumer duty) this is all proving to become increasingly important. Find out more about Data On Demand-> Here.

Omni-channel – managing the complexity

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In this full interview, Simon Brennan from EngageHub discusses some of the complexities of managing customer contact and contact strategies in an omnichannel world with associated high customer expectations. Find out more about EngageHub-> Here.

Keeping Teams Motivated

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In this full interview with Lee Cottle, General Manager, Europe, from Playvox, we discuss the importance of team motivation, how to keep them motivated, engaged, and find performance in what has recently been a challenging environment. Find out more about Playvox-> Here.

Building Resilience

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In this full interview with Rob Tyler we discuss the importance of resilience and developing resilience to help manage in an increasingly changing world. We cover new ways of working in the new business environment, and how we need to look a little self-reflectively to get the most out of ourselves, our teams and indeed our lives… a little bit of a coaching session for us here. Find out more about Rob Tyler-> Here.