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Full length interviews with key industry figures

Consumer Duty: What needs to be done now

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In this full interview with Kevin Still we discuss all things Consumer Duty, new FCA rules which are due to have wide ranging changes on the financial services industry and collections processes. The first deadline is October 31st 2022… these are some of the things we need to be working on now – (together with some of the challenges faced). Find out more about Kevin Still Consulting -> Here.

Globalization and acceleration of data used in lending decisions

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In this full interview with Sarah Davies from Nova Credit, we discuss the use of new forms of data, both increased recency and international data to help companies manage risk, provide greater access to lending products for consumers and find areas of continued growth. Lending is a quickly globalizing market! Find out more about Nova Credit -Here.… Read more

Next-level digital affordability assessment

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In this full interview with Rachel Curtis from Inicio, we discuss some of the latest developments and thinking in affordability assessment. In particular, we chat about natural language modelling and when how blended with technology, it can really assist customers with stepping stones to better outcomes in a convenient and what is perceived as a more nonthreatening manner. Find out more about Inicio -Here.… Read more

Open Banking… today and the future

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In this full interview with Stephan van Calker from Tink, we discuss Open Banking. Where has it come from and in particular where is it going to? What are some of the challenges with adoption and how are these now being overcome, all generating the new and exciting use cases that we see, all across Europe today. Find out more about Tink -> Here.

Digital OmniChannel: Enabled and growing with SaaS

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In this full interview with Kyle Chadderton from ConnexOne, we discuss how the latest breed of contact centre tools is fundamentally changing the industry. In particular how these tools are enabling greater access to Omni-Channel, with fast setup and implementation times, all at lower cost too. Find out more about Connex One -Here.… Read more

Digital Debt Resolution: Changing our mindset

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In this full interview with Arren Khan and Daniel Calcott , from Digital DRA, we discuss some of the latest changes in approach happening throughout the Collections industry. In particular, we talk about how a digital-first collection can be applied, and the benefits for customers. Find out more about Digital DRA -Here.… Read more