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Moving on and moving on up…

Two weeks into the year and a couple of themes are already emerging. Complexities: Rising complexities with trade, increased COVID levels, with new variants, is all leading to a real sense of unease on the economy and going forward more generally. Different but the same: Back at the start of last year, all of this was new and everything felt unusual. However, this time around it has changed. Although the news is not great, we… Read more

6 months in 5 days – the first week of 2021

It has been quite the first week of the year. Back to work after the holidaysA new lockdown, with a spiraling pandemicBrexit/End of the transition period, with a loss of trade freedoms with the EU starting to biteand oh yes, a violent attempt to stop a peaceful hand over of power in Washington DC With everything going on, more normal news has struggled to get much air time this week. There are however themes for… Read more

Forest for the trees: Some outlandish predictions for 2021

The week between Christmas and New Year is always difficult. Most of us are huddled at home, in hiding and pretending the world has stopped for a week. For some, this year, with COVID levels continuing to rise, has of course been a little different. NHS and medical workers in particular… not to mentioned the race to finalize to legislate an EU trade for the UK, covering post-Brexit transition period rules. Yes it has been… Read more

Driving home over Christmas – the need for positive customer outcomes

We are on the last lap, the final straight, with the finishing line now in sight for the end of the working year. The holidays are almost upon us and most of us are just exhausted from what has been a year of turmoil and change. This week was one final push to get across the line. But as thoughts turn to Christmas, mince pies, mulled wine and bad TV here is a quick last… Read more

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards*

Most of this year we have of course been focused on the COVID pandemic, its impact on the economy. We are out of full lockdown and settling into the latest set of restrictions. Over the last week, not much has changed. Most of us are now just looking forward to having a break from it all. Certainly, if you look at the crowds at the shops, we are somewhat trying to forget about it. Christmas… Read more

It’s cold outside… time to create some atmosphere

We are inching towards Christmas and with the shops now open, nights drawing in it is starting to feel like winter… it even tried to snow this week. Of course, this is year like no other, and with the pandemic, things are going to feel a little different… however hopefully it will be a nice change and distraction. And yet even with this Christmas cheer, there is still a troubling sense of the calm before… Read more