ROAR Surveys

Collections and Recoveries Trends and Benchmarking – Global 2023

We are updating our survey on Collections and Recoveries Trends and Benchmarking for the end of 2023. This covers all markets and market sectors. The information will be anonymised, aggregated and resent back to all participants. In addition, it will provide insight at industry events and forums. If you would like a view and benchmarking on Global Collections Strategy and current conditions, please complete the questionaire below, it should only take a few minutes (or use this link to access… Read more

Global Collections and Recoveries Conditions

Summer is over (or winter if you are in the south!) and it’s time for a quick look at Collections and Recoveries conditions before the second half of 2023. 5 questions, comments only, and we are now supporting multiple languages. Please respond in the language you prefer, and we will compile the results in the languages below. Click on the link to access in your preferred version. English ¦ Español ¦ Français ¦ Italiano ¦ Deutsch ¦ Português ¦ Arabic… Read more

Tea & Biscuits Habits in Collections

The next CSA webinar event is coming up and we are planning to cover something different with Indigo Cloud… a survey of Tea drinking, biscuit-eating habits in Collections… and yes some work stuff on collections systems too… … thanks for taking part, we will have some fun with this 🙂