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A tech slowdown or a new AI bubble?

A clip from the discussion we Kos Chekanov where he discussed several sectors that are affected by the ongoing economic crisis, which began around July of the previous year. Demand decreased, and layoffs became prevalent as countries injected money into the economy following the pandemic. Efforts have made to reduce the impact and stabilize the situation, however are we looking into the face of a new bubble before a crash. Find out more about ArtKai-> Here.

Tech Leadership: Not just delivery, but also communication

Effective communication is more than just delivery. It’s about genuinely caring and making connections. Kos Chekanov discussion how we need to communicate with empathy, understanding, and a human touch, we build trust, foster relationships, and inspire positive change. Caring and human communication are essential for meaningful interactions and impact. Find out more about ArtKai-> Here.