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Learn by Doing

In this clip Daniel Gregory from Invevo discusses engaging with new processes or platforms through demos to enhance efficiency, likening it to learning new skills actively, such as playing the trumpet. The discussion reflects on how smartphones, starting with the iPhone, have encouraged a trial-and-error or agile approach to learning and using technology, suggesting that this method could be beneficial for corporate software learning, allowing users to experiment and learn quickly in a safe environment. Find out more about Invevo… Read more

Open Banking Developments – Updating Payments

In this clip, Stephan van Calker from Tink discusses the decline in consumer trust, linking it to challenges faced by customer support centers in efficiently assisting with bill payments. Recent research highlights the impact of the cost of living crisis on this trust. They suggest that Open Banking could improve customer experiences by offering more control over bill payments, noting that 51% of customers want better management of their payments, and 70% would switch providers for more flexible payment dates.… Read more

Deciphering True Wishes in the Digital Age

Santa reflects on the increasing difficulty of understanding and meeting people’s desires, especially when what they express online differs from their actual wants. He emphasizes the challenge of grasping these psychologies while juggling a busy schedule, implying a task of continuously compiling and addressing diverse needs and preferences. Find out more about North Pole Enterprises -> Here. northpole

Pre-Festive Fitness & Chimney Challenges

In this clip Santa discusses the challenges of his role, in particular the difficulty of navigating chimneys, especially following a post-COVID weight gain, and the complexity of managing toy production, reindeer, and a sleigh. He recall his struggles with chimney training due to their increased midriff, describing it as a nightmare. Find out more about North Pole Enterprises -> Here. northpole

Sleighing Sustainably: Towards Zero-Emissions

In this clip a discussion on the environmental impact of extensive travel during the festive period, focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) aspects. Santa defends their travel as ecologically friendly, powered by Christmas spirit rather than fossil fuels, implying zero emissions. Find out more about North Pole Enterprises -> Here. northpole

Beyond Data Absorption: – Asking Data Questions

In this clip, Adi Hazan from Analycat explains a problem they have addressed in data analysis: the importance of not just absorbing data, but also asking questions. He describes their ability to analyze all possibilities and recognize gaps in knowledge. Using an insurance company as an example, he illustrates how underwriters specialize in certain types of risks, such as power stations, based on their profitable history. These underwriters’ expertise is not reflected in the data, especially regarding excluded individuals. He… Read more