Consumer Vulnerability – For Employees and Managers in Collections

There has been a lot of discussion around vulnerability and the design of processes to help support customers with complex needs recently. This has included some troubling stories, and highlighted the many changes in dynamics we are now seeing. Handling vulnerability is of course now a key part of business, and under the FCAs Handling vulnerability is of course a key part of business these days and a big part in helping achieve good customer outcomes. Under the FCA’s Consumer… Read more

Secrets of Digital Collections Strategies

The last couple of weeks I have been spending some time with the Digital DRA team discussing digital collections and their digital approach debt resolution. They have been up for a couple of awards, including one for work with E.ON Next, so I have been itching to understand their… their secret sauce… What is key to a great digital collections strategy? It is a question I am often asked, both in the UK and other markets, so thought it It… Read more