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Full length interviews with key industry figures

Changing customer situations – change company requirements

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The full interview with Kevin Still from Demsa. Here Kevin talks about the impact of the new FCA customer duty consultation and what this going to mean for businesses and customers. The rubber is going to hit the road, with evidencing new behavior and culture going to be critical. Kevin also provides his perspectives on Debt Advice and in particular the new ruling on debt packagers too. Find out more about Demsa-> Here.

New collections technology sophistication

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In this full interview with Michael Melachrinidis, Deputy CEO, Product Management and Digital transformation at EXUS, we chatted about how the collections software business has fundamentally changed over the few couple of years resulting from the pandemic, and how this has then evolved since. There have has been slightly different flavours in different markets, but also a convergence now towards using technology to improve customer experience – it appears a global trend. Lastly Michael talks… Read more

Avoiding Harm – are we thinking about vulnerability back to front?

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The full interview with John Willoughby from Elanev. In this discussion, John talks about what they have seen in the data regarding the pandemic, and in particular the impact on vulnerability. This has been evolving as our understanding has grown, and new questions are now being asked as to whether we need to think about this differently now… in terms of outcomes and in particular avoiding customer harm. Find out more about Elanev-> Here.

Advancing Digital Payments

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In this full interview with Mark Kelly from Key IVR, we talk about digital payments, or mobile payments, and how adoption has been accelerated by COVID. It will continue and there is a place for both fully automated and manual payments methods. We chat about this, recent trends in fraud and how there are nuances in customer behaviour that are shifting across the world. Find out more about KeyIVR-Here.… Read more

Increasingly complex volumes – WFM

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In this full video Emma Skygebjerg from Puzzel, explains how we have been seeing increasing complexity in types and forms of volumes in the contact centre, and some of the challenges this has been presenting for scheduling and volume forecasting. With the pandemic and the rush to digitalisation, this has only been increasing too. We discuss these trends and some of the solutions she has seen across the market. Find out more about Puzzel-Here.… Read more

Insights and impacts in Debt Purchase

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In the full conversation with Craig Hinchliffe, CEO of the Perch Group, we talk about the impact the COVID pandemic has had on consumers, payments and subsequently some of the challenges there are with debt pricing in the current market. Consumer preference and dynamics around contact are changing and this is all flowing through to how they think about process design. Back in the office, things are also coming back to life and Craig explains… Read more