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Full length interviews with key industry figures

Using data to create customer trust

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The full interview with Jimmy Hosang from TMAC (The Modular Analytics Company). Here Jimmy talks about the importance of voice communication, in building customer trust, together with some of the analytical approaches that can be overlayed to create even better outcomes. Voice firmed has an important place in the future for contact centres. Find out more about TMAC-Here.… Read more

A rising tide of vulnerability?

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The full conversation with Helen Lord, CEO of the Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS). We discuss some of the recent trends they have seen on vulnerability levels in the UK. The pandemic has had impacts and they are expected to continue, if not increase in the near future. It is equally affecting young and old alike. Helen provides some real insight (and data) on what this looks like across the UK today, together with thoughts on… Read more

What on earth is happening to data?

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The full interview with Chris McEleavey, a founding partner at Bulien. Here Chris talks about what he has seen in the changing landscape of data, and how now data needs to be seen as not just as driving new business, but increasingly as part of the DNA of any business… and the challenge for businesses now is the sheer volume of data and just what to do with it. Some interesting insights, especially on how… Read more

Omni – Channel – multi-channel – multi preference, how to manage

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The full conversation with Neil Whitaker, strategic account director at IMIMobile. Have we have transformed into a multi-communication channel world. With technology platforms expanding all the time, especially during the time of the pandemic, we talk about how this is affecting customers’ journeys, the customer experience, and as a business how best to manage all this. Find out more about imi mobile-> Here.

Understanding conversations

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The full interview with Jonathan Drechsler, head of business development at Recordsure. Jonny and I talk about some of the recent developments in speech analysis and how this is starting to transform customer contacts and compliance. Larger datasets are now increasingly available that can monitor customer interaction at all points along the customer journey. It allows multiple conversations to be linked and more contextual information be used to analyze each call. It can all lead… Read more

Responding to the new environment: Credit risk looking to the future

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The full interview with Damien Burke, Partner at 4most. In a wide-ranging conversation, Damien discusses the impact of COVID on credit risk aspects of business and in particular how we now need to think and plan going forward. Undoubtedly there is more data and modelling needed. However, it is also starting to require us to more fundamentally change how we think about customers and design treatment plans. The bar is being raised… leading to opportunities… Read more