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Full length interviews with key industry figures

Understanding conversations

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The full interview with Jonathan Drechsler, head of business development at Recordsure. Jonny and I talk about some of the recent developments in speech analysis and how this is starting to transform customer contacts and compliance. Larger datasets are now increasingly available that can monitor customer interaction at all points along the customer journey. It allows multiple conversations to be linked and more contextual information be used to analyze each call. It can all lead… Read more

Responding to the new environment: Credit risk looking to the future

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The full interview with Damien Burke, Partner at 4most. In a wide-ranging conversation, Damien discusses the impact of COVID on credit risk aspects of business and in particular how we now need to think and plan going forward. Undoubtedly there is more data and modelling needed. However, it is also starting to require us to more fundamentally change how we think about customers and design treatment plans. The bar is being raised… leading to opportunities… Read more

The data explosion… changing how we see and measure the world

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The full conversation with Mark Cunningham, founder and director, at Whenfresh. We chat about data, in particular property data and how this transforming our view of the world. Often it is small pieces of information that, linked together, can tell us a great deal about what is happening. Property is no different and with the advent of new technology, we can get insights like never beforeā€¦ with great power comes great responsibility too. Find out… Read more

Networked Thinking: Using digital to put the human back in relationships

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The full interview with Luke Fisher, CEO of Mo. Luke talks about his observations of organisational dynamics, during the pandemic and looking into the future. The employer – employee interaction has been changing for a while now and the culture is becoming critical for retention and driving performance. In what will likely be a world with more remote working, tools and information can help track and provide insight into corporate culture, to help us manage… Read more

Collections transformation – more opportunity

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The full interview with Chantal Constable from CGI. We discuss some of the changes seen and how CGI are thinking about these going forward. Whilst there have been challenges, there have also been opportunities and new ways of thinking that can really help us to transform processes and customer interactions going forward. We are living in a very innovative and fascinating time. Find out more about CGI-Here.… Read more