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Frictionless outbound journeys

The full interview with Mark Sussex at illion. We chat about contact technology, how this has helped customers through the pandemic. We also chat about the concept of outbound first contact resolution and how a good frictionless journey is one that can resolve a customer query on that initial outbound contact without requiring the customer to then do something else driving inbound volume. Find out more about illion-> Here.

Finding the best KPIs to measure and monitor performance in the new environment

A conversation with Bernie Smith from Made to Measure KPIs. Bernie, also an author, talks in this full interview about what he has been seeing with his clients in the new post pandemic world regarding the development and use of new KPIs. We also chat about some of the challenges there are in sourcing data, deciding what to measure and then presenting this back to ensure it can drive needed outcomes. A fascinating discussion with… Read more

Change Regulatory outlook: What is the outlook for 2021

A conversation with Natalie Murray from Lawbox Design – the full interview.Here Natalie discussed some of the recent developments in Consumer credit regulation and the expectation on how this will continue to develop throughout this year. We covered topics such as consumer vulnerability treatment, EU data adequacy, BNPL, breathing space, and even if there is any outlook for a change in the use of physical letters in the collections process. Some really interesting perspective for… Read more

Changing Market Dynamics in the resource & recruitment market

A conversation with Matt Campion from Campion Pickworth. In this full interview, Matt and I discuss a wide range of topics and the influence on the recruiting and hiring market.From Brexit, to returning to the office, remote hiring and not to mention a global pandemic a lot has happened and will happen as we return to more of a sense of normality. We discuss each of these and what Matt has seen from his perspective… Read more

Conversational Analytics: Finding value from listening

The full interview with Frank Sherlock from CallMiner. In a wide-ranging conversation, we talk about the power of speech analytics and how this can be used to diagnose and improve processes, helping both customers and employees alike. Since lockdown, with the expected increase in financial difficulty and vulnerability, this is also likely to be especially important going forward too. Find out more about CallMiner-> Here.

The Modular Business Model

The full conversation with Jake Levant from Lightico. In a wide-ranging conversation, we chatted about how the COVID pandemic has really forced us to look at the design of our business processes and operating models. We have seen an acceleration in distributed workforces, distributed systems and distributed ideas… is this moving us much more towards the distributed modular company? Find out more about Lightico-Here.… Read more