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New tools for new times: I&E transformation

The full interview with Mark McElvanney from IEHub. Mark discussed what he has seen in the market, how the approach to capturing Income and Expenditure data is becoming increasingly digital and the advantages this has. Find out more about IE Hub -> Here.

A changing job market

The full interview with Neil Johns from MERJE. We talking about the rapidly changing job market in collections and how this is being transformed with remote working. Also included are items on IR35 impacts, key skills being hired today, and thoughts around hiring/interviewing in a digital world. Find out more about MERJE -Here.… Read more

Digital Automation – things are really possible now – Full Interview

The full interview with Josh Harris from Doc2. Digital automation is accelerating, and this has been given a further boost with Lockdown. There is real opportunity in some of seemingly mundane processes we all have to put up with. With new vendors, processes and SaaS these processes can be quickly set up and transformed, taking a headache off our plate enabling us to focus on more value add tasks. Find out more about Doc2 ->… Read more