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General update

I did post an updated version of the DEMSA bulletin on LinkedIn last week. I have attached it if anyone is interested in sharing wider. This picks up on the next point of Ofgem.

Ofgem Vulnerability Summit 2023

The week was ‘kicked off’ by a speech at the Ofgem Vulnerability Summit by Jonathan Brearley that may indicate some signs of action around wider data sharing and words turning into action. VRS followed up with Ofgem last Monday. We all want to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Data on Demand recently published a Blog on how their IDVU solution was used to help drive engagement with Vulnerable Customers in conjunction with VRS. This references the work with Cadent Gas.  

Jonathan Brearley said that there are many dimensions to vulnerability. In his mind, these fall into 3 simple categories:

Customers who face financial vulnerability - the inability to pay for the energy they needCustomers who need help and support to access the services they nee...

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