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Talk Money Week

We have come to the end of Talk Money Week and MaPS has been featured strongly during the week along with a number of posts on LinkedIn and other media. On 10 November, MaPS issued a press release with the headline “Rising cost of living sees over 11m people seek money help in the last 3 months”.

I sometimes have a problem with statistics by the FCA, MaPS and others based on survey data that has been ‘scaled up’ to provide ‘national’ figures (ONS=52.9m people aged 18 or over in the UK). This is not uncommon with financial resilience and people with characteristics of vulnerability where interventions may be required. I have attached the LSB document that represents a summary document of a larger report around the cost-of-living crisis and the outcomes of firms attempts to more pro-actively engage with these customer profiles with very mixed results. It suggests t...

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