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General update

Last call for responses to the MaPS deficit budget consultation. This is an important consultation where those with good trending MI need to respond.

The purpose of this MaPS call for evidence is to understand what help can, or could, be offered where a client presents with a deficit budget, as well as what MaPS can do to enable this help to be given. This is obviously a really important topic impacting the whole debt advice sector and more widely for those in the debt resolution space undertaking robust income & expenditure assessments. Where affordability assessment providers used by creditors, debt buyers and DCAs establish a deficit budget then different customer journeys need to be considered where a direct transfer into a debt advice process may not identify viable debt remedies. If these providers have already explored income optimisation and entitlement to benefits and social tariffs with their integrated partners (e.g. EntitledTo, InBest, IncomeM...

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