Industry and Regulatory Developments

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1. Industry Trends and Developments in Debt Management

Shift in Role Post-FCA Takeover: The transformation of DEMSA's role since the FCA's takeover from the OFT in 2014 is significant for industry stakeholders. It underscores the evolving regulatory landscape and the need for businesses in this sector to adapt to new regulatory expectations and consumer protection standards.Consumer Duty Board Report for July 2024: The report's insights are vital for financial services, credit management, and debt collection professionals to understand upcoming regulatory expectations and to align their strategies accordingly. UK Finance, KPMGDEMSA's Growing Influence: DEMSA's LinkedIn following surpassing 1,000 highlights its expanding influence in the debt solution market. This is a crucial indicator for professionals in financial services and debt management, signaling DEMSA's role as a key player in industry discussions and policy shaping. L...

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