Industry Content Summary Digest: 11-07-2023

-> DEMSA update: FCA debt adviser webinar / Cost-of-Living / Training / Collaboration / Events

-> [LINKS]: Links of the week

-> [Webinar]: Credit Connect: Collections Technology Think Tank 4.2

-> [PODCAST]: Arum: Illegal Money Lending and stopping Loan Sharks

-> [PODCAST]: Punk CX: The pragmatic approach to transforming customer service – Interview with Mike Upton of First Tech Credit Union

-> [Webinar]: Institute of Physics: “More than Moore”: a glimpse at the future of computing

-> [Webinar]: CSA: Robot overlords, AI… and a cup of tea: Automation in collections – presented by Indigo Cloud

-> [Webinar]: Gartner: Ask the Experts: The Impacts of Generative AI, Such as ChatGPT

-> [Webinar]: Gartner: Chat GPT Beyond the hype

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