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  • GPT-5 Expected to Launch This Summer with Significant Improvements
    OpenAI is set to release an improved version of GPT-5, enhancing ChatGPT’s capabilities in mid-2024. Read more
  • UK Contemplates ‘Housing Sin Taxes’ Inspired by Global Counterparts
    The Social Market Foundation suggests adopting housing sin taxes to aid private renters, inspired by practices in Australia and Canada. Read more
  • Pub Insolvencies Reach a Decade High in the UK
    A 48% increase in pub closures marks the highest number in over ten years, driven by economic pressures. Read more
  • UK Consumers Increasingly Rely on Credit Amid Economic Downturn
    High inflation and recession concerns lead to an increase in long-term consumer debt, as reported by Equifax. Read more
  • Mortgage Missed Payments Surge as Financial Pressure Mounts
    The rate of missed mortgage payments has risen, reflecting the ongoing financial struggles faced by households. Read more
  • Close Brothers Announces £400 Million Capital Plan Amid Financial Scrutiny
    In response to a regulatory review of car finance deals, Close Brothers seeks to strengthen its capital position. Read more
  • UK Consulting Market Predicted to Stagnate as Clients Reduce Spending
    Economic and geopolitical uncertainties lead to a projected halt in growth for the UK’s consulting market. Read more
  • Dell’s Promotion Policy Excludes Remote Workers, Report Claims
    A new policy reportedly makes remote employees at Dell ineligible for promotions, raising concerns about workplace equity. Read more
  • FCA Urges Improvement in Debt Collection Practices
    The Financial Conduct Authority, along with other regulators, calls for a more empathetic approach to debt collection. Read more
  • Symend Utilizes AI for a More Compassionate Debt Collection Strategy
    By incorporating AI, Symend aims to transform the debt collection process into a more understanding and efficient system. Read more
  • UK Lenders Anticipate £788 Million Increase in Debt Defaults
    A significant rise in expected debt defaults underscores the escalating financial distress among UK consumers. Read more
  • Credit Card Arrears Climb by 10% Amid Rising Costs
    Financial pressures lead to a noticeable increase in credit card arrears, signalling a growing debt crisis. Read more
  • Record Number of Britons Falling Behind on Household Bills
    An alarming increase in people struggling with household bills highlights the depth of the financial crisis. Read more
  • Nvidia Unveils ‘Most Powerful’ AI Superchip Yet
    Nvidia’s GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip promises unprecedented AI training performance with lower energy consumption. Read more
  • Strategies to Counteract Corporate Overwork Cultures
    A new Harvard Business Review Press book offers insights into mitigating the detrimental effects of overwork in corporate environments. Read more

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