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  • UN Adopts Landmark Resolution on AI Safety
    The United Nations General Assembly has passed a non-binding resolution led by the United States to promote the development of safe, secure, and trustworthy AI globally. Read more
  • Consumer Card Spending Growth Halts in March
    Following a peak in consumer confidence in February, there was a noticeable slowdown in March, attributed to the rising popularity of “no-spend” challenges. Read more
  • Average Consumer Borrows £5,600 in Personal Loans Over Lifetime
    A study reveals that UK consumers typically borrow around £5,600 through personal loans, with many experiencing stress over repayments. Read more
  • Klarna Launches Credit Card Challenge
    Klarna introduces a new initiative demonstrating the effectiveness of its interest-free Buy Now Pay Later service, with a high rate of timely repayments. Read more
  • UK Car Insurance Costs Surge Compared to France
    Car insurance premiums in the UK have risen significantly, outpacing the actual rise in payouts, sparking calls for regulatory scrutiny. Read more
  • Thames Water Parent Company Defaults on Debt
    Thames Water’s parent company has defaulted on its debts, raising concerns about potential restructuring or collapse. Read more
  • Changes to Debt Relief Orders to Aid Financially Distressed
    The UK government announces modifications to Debt Relief Orders to make them more accessible to those in financial hardship. Read more
  • Which? Calls for FCA to Address Car Insurance Valuation Issues
    The consumer advocacy group urges the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority to tackle the issue of insurers undervaluing claims. Read more
  • Omnichannel Approach Can Enhance Debt Collection and Customer Service
    Experts suggest that integrating multiple communication channels can significantly improve the efficiency of debt collection and overall customer service. Read more
  • Klarna Reduces Handover of UK Customers to Debt Collectors
    With the introduction of late fees, Klarna reports a decrease in the number of UK customers being referred to debt collection agencies. Read more

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